The Steelers!!? I guess I..."/> The Steelers!!? I guess I..."/>

New Steelers Site


The Steelers!!? I guess I’ll promote the new FAN-Sided Pittsburg Steelers website, but I don’t have to like it.  It’s easy for an Oakland Raiders fan to hate two teams, for two insistences, that changed the course of history; the immaculate deception, and the tuck rule.  In other words, The Steelers and the New England Patriots won titles and gained momentum that may have never existed if it weren’t for two horribly officiated plays.  The Steelers get a lot credit for winning 3 Super Bowls during the 70’s, but there isn’t an NFL expert that would say they had a far better team than the Raiders during those years.  Out of the 21 players and coaches from those years that became Hall of Famers, 10 were Raiders, and 11 were Steelers.  If anything, those teams were equals.  Bitter? Just a little.

But unlike the Patriots, I at least have respect for the Steelers.  There were a handful of teams that made the American Football League a success; the Kansas City Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jets, and the Steelers and Raiders.  If it weren’t for those five teams the AFL would have crumbled.  Instead they merged with the NFL and became an immediate threat to the all the other professional teams. 

On the FAN-Sided websites we have the privilege of bringing you an in-depth look from intelligent writers that actually have a life long connection to the team they’re covering.  When the Oakland Tribune hires a journalism grad from Iowa to write about the (Oakland) Athletics, everyone losses.  The kid from Iowa has no idea what it is to be an A’s fan.  But on the FAN-Sided websites you get info from guys that bleed the colors they represent, and the new Steelers site will be no different. 

Nice Pick, is where you can get all the black and gold information that you need.  The Steelers are one of the top five teams in the league this season, and have a couple big games left on their schedule (vs. Patriots and Jaguars), so what better time than the present?  Enjoy