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The Oakland RaidersMinnesota Vikings game ended only moments ago, but for the second week in a row, I did not watch the end of the game in real time.  Last week I looked at Rex Grossman’s game winning pass in slow motion over ten times, and could not find any reason for the refs not to call holding on Roberto GarzaWarren Sapp would have sacked Grossman if it weren’t for Garza, and the Raiders most likely would have won the game. 

Moments ago the referees officiating the Raiders-Vikings game called an offsides penalty on Tim Dwight with 12 seconds left in the game, but after watching this play over and over, I could not find the aforementioned infraction.  The Raiders lead the league in penalties against, and have one of the worst offenses in football, so they obviously hurt themselves all the time, they don’t help from the refs.  Did the play lose the game from the Raiders?  No, but it does hurt a team that’s desperately looking for some luck.