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Just One Win Baby


Here are a couple notes that I came up with for today’s win over the rival K.C. Chiefs.  Now keep in mind, I had to listen to the game over the Internet because I’m out on the East Coast for this holiday weekend, so I’ve yet to see any footage of the game.  The Oakland Raiders have not won a game against an AFC rival in 17 outings, but that all ended this afternoon. 

  • Let me get this straight, the Chiefs were on the Raiders 23 yard line with only 04:26 left in the game (down by 3), and you chose to go for it!!  No, and I mean NO, team deserves to win a game with that kind of cocky play-calling. 
  • Oh, Jared Allen, no sacks today.  I guess you can’t play your best ball outside the Bay.  Maybe you should just come home; besides, the Chief fans will never respect your insanity the way we will in Oakland.  Come onnnnn, you know you want to come back to the Bay. 
  • A little shot at Adam from Arrowhead Addict: you still feel confident about your answer to the question I had yesterday on your safeties?  Jarrod Page and Bernard Pollard are one of the deciding factors to your Chiefs loss (late 4th quarter completions deep against both men resulted in the Raiders game winning score).  I know it’s just one game, but I think I’ll take Stewie Schweigert and Michael Huff over Page and Pollard any day. 
  • In my prediction for this game I said that the Raiders could only win if they forced turnovers, but I totally forgot about the Raiders self-imploding offense.  One of the keys to this victory was their ability to not turn the ball over on offense.  So I gotta give game balls to Daunte Culpepper, the adjusted offensive line, and Justin Fargas, not for being exceptional, but for not doing the small stuff that’s caused you to lose 8 games this season.   
  • One short comment on the Raiders defense: you guys kept the Chiefs to only 3 third down conversions out of 12 chances, for a BEAUTIFUL 25% average.  Now that is how you win football games. 

After watching the game three days later, I found that I pretty much covered all the major topics of the match in the paragraphs above. I could go into greater detail, but my recovery from Turkey Day has taken me longer than most people, so I haven’t had the time, or frankly the energy to go into the ridicules rants us writers go on just to prove the same point in some other form.