Two New Sites


I’d like to announce the addition of two new Fan-Sided Blogs.  The first site will be dedicated to Cincinnati Bungals Bengals fans.  I gotta take a shot at a team that’s signed more felons in the last three years than the Raiders have in the last 40.  I don’t even want to think about how opposing fans and critics would’ve attacked the Oakland Raiders franchise if they were the ones who signed the miscreants I speak of.  Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson are too good to be apart of such a mediocre team.  I like what the Bengals were doing a couple years back, but it’s almost like the whole team started falling apart when Palmer went down (in the playoffs against the Steelers).  The ensuing years have been tattered with one unlucky scenario after another (Palmer’s injury, David Pollack’s injury, and injuries to every running back this year), and of course, the 9 or ten arrests that have occurred.  Maybe they should bring in that Tony Robins guy, or one of the Cal State Fullerton sports psychologists, I don’t know, but just getting rid of the guys that get arrested isn’t working.

The second new team added to the FSB will be devoted to the New York (Football) Giants. It’s funny that for a little around 20 years people referenced two sports teams in a city with the same name.  My mother’s side of my family is from New York, and I know how the media has molded their minds to think that every season for every one of their teams needs to result in a championship of some kind.  So I’m hoping Neil’s (new lead blogger at G-Men HeadQuarters, and die-hard New York fan) going to bring all the mayhem that ensues from such high expectations.  After over a hundred years of championships from the Yankees, Knicks, Giants (MLB), Jets, Rangers, and the Football Giants, New York fans should expect a lot out of their teams.  I have a fondness for New York, so I’ve got push for any readers to go check out this new Giants Fan-Sided Blog.