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$100,000 in Fines


ESPN is reporting that both Warren Sapp and Derrick Burgess have been fined for “physical and verbal actions towards a game official.”  We all know the incident, but what we don’t really know is what exactly happened. 

What we know so far is that Sapp says he never touched any of the refs, and that he feels like he’s being singled out, and can’t remember hearing about anybody being thrown out of an NFL game for something none physical.  But due to the wording in Sapp’s impending $75,000 fine, there’s reason to doubt both sides of the argument until the appeal process ends.  

Burgess on the other hand got a $25,000 fine for “verbal,” but not “physical actions,” so his fine is probably just for the way he handled Sapp’s situation.  I think Burgess will take the fine and move on; he did what he should’ve done, he stood by his teammate in a profound fashion, but did nothing to jeopardize his playing time.