A Must Read Article (Davis vs Kiffin)


Here’s the link to a really good article from one of my favorite Raider writers, Jerry McDonald.  The Inside Bay Area article goes into far more depth than I could possibly attempt.  Here are a couple things I found the most interesting:

"Update: Talking to reporters on the field following the Senior Bowl, Lane Kiffin sidestepped questions regarding his status with the Oakland Raiders."

"“I’m not going to comment on that. That’s got nothing to do with this game, these guys’ last game here, and I’m real proud of the way they played and competed,” Kiffin said. “It was a fun week.”coaching the Senior Bowl in a black Under Armour windbreaker, with the name “Raiders” nowhere in sight. The rest of the staff is adorned in Raiders gear.It reminds me of the time Jon Gruden showed up to his season-ending press conference the day after a playoff loss to New England in a maroon polo shirt instead of his usual Raiders garb.Asked if he will be coaching the Raiders in the fall, Kiffin said, “I hope so.”"

"A Contra Costa Times poll asked readers “As a Raiders fan who would you rather get rid of, Al Davis or Lane Kiffin?At last check, Davis had 1,112 votes to be shown the door and Kiffin 31."

There’s a lot of great information and insight in the article, so go check it out.  Tomorrow I’ll recap the entire Senior Bowl week and game.  And hopefully have some real answers as to where our hapless Raiders stand.