NFL Transactions (Gibril Wilson Signed)


The Oakland Raiders released Barry Sims this morning.  The thing that bugs me the most is that Sims is scheduled to make $6.8 mill, but his release only shores up $200,000.  And it only get’s worst, because the only other news the Raiders have whirling is the scheduled visit of former San Francisco 49er, and big time 1st round bust, Kwame Harris.  It gives Harris a chance to play in a system that relies on intelligent teamwork, and if anyone needs help on every play it’s Harris.  He’s also been known for his athleticism and not his strength, so in the long run, like the Tommy Kelly signing, it could become a great move, but right now the Raiders aren’t looking like a team trying to add proven talent; and that may affect the decision making of other free-agents they talk to.  Note: Josh McCown signed with the Miami Dolphins, so the Raiders are going to have to look elsewhere for a dependable back up for JaMarcus. 

Jerry McDonald of Inside Bay Area: 

"Gibril Wilson has agreed to a six-year, $39 million deal with the Raiders that includes a signing bonus of $16 million.Wilson, a four-year veteran, has 11 career interceptions in 52 career games as a free safety for the Super Bowl champions. He had an excellent postseason in the Giants run for the title and is regarded as the best safety available.Wilson’s arrival would seem to scuttle any plans to move Michael Huff from strong safety to free safety, as was being contemplated by the Raiders following the season. At the NFL scouting combine, two personnel men from different teams said Huff’s name was being floated by the Raiders for a possible trade. (Note: As pointed out by several posters, Wilson was originally a strong safety _ so he could play either side.)"

Again this is a signing based on a few glimmers, and not on years of success.  I like Wilson, but similar to the signing of Kelly, it’s too much money for a player with only glimpses of greatness.  He could end up being a Pro-Bowler next year in a Conference with Ed Reed and Bob Sanders and look worth the money, but right now the Raiders just look desperate.  I still need to hear more noise in Oakland before I believe these Huff rumors, but now that Wilson’s signed, that could change. 

The Philadelphia Eagles get props for signing Asante Samuel, but not because he’ll make your team better, but because it makes the New England Patriots worse.  I’m sorry I just HATE the Patriots.  It would be different if all the TV analysts didn’t speak of them like they’re the best franchise/team.  Instead of comparing them to the 89′ 49ers and 93′ Cowboys, why don’t the guys at ESPN and the NFL Network remind young fans where this franchise spent their existence before 2001; at the very bottom of the league.

Is Sheldon Brown gonna be traded, or just moved to the 3 spot?  With the up-and-down play of both Fabian Washington and Stanford Routt, I’d love to see Brown as the Raiders #2.  I think it would be equal on both sides if the Raiders sent a 4th round pick and a defensive back to the Eagles in exchange for Brown.  I also think either Washington or Routt would fit in well as the Eagles #3 cornerback. 

Note:  ESPN’s reporting that Randy Moss and the Patriots are not close to a contract and he’s starting to look elsewhere. 

Well I went to sleep and Derrick Anderson had rejected a 3-year, estimated $20 million dollar offer from the Cleveland Browns, and when I woke up, the Browns had signed him.  I thought 3-years and $20 mill were a little to high considering Brady Quinn is waiting for a shot.  Obviously they agreed on a deal that’s in even more favor of Anderson (reported 3-years $26 mill), so it’s hard for me to think they did the right thing.  But then again it does put them in position to trade one of their quartebacks, instead of just letting Anderson go.  The Browns also made a trade with the Packers for Corey Williams.  The Browns become the first team to suffer from the giant contract the Raiders gave Tommy Kelly.  I really don’t think the Browns would be paying such a (6-years, 38 mill, but $16.8 million in guarantees) high amount of guaranteed money it it weren’t for the Raiders. 

Props to the New York Jets for moving Jonathan Vilma this morning to the New Orleans Saints, and then trading for Kris Jenkins.  Vilma played exceptional for the Jets when he was under Herm Edwards and his 4-3 scheme, but never fit into Eric Mangini’s change to the 3-4.  I love football more than I love the Raiders; and I love to see players go to the teams they fit the best, and when teams (except for division rivals) fill needs with great acquisitions (whether free-agent or drafted).   Jenkins is guy with need of a change in scenery and scheme.  In the 3-4 Jenkins can do what he does best, take up blockers.  Jenkins has lost his pass-rushing edge, but at the nose in a 3-4 (standing 6’4” and 335lbs) he’ll be able dominate again; just in a different way. 

The Jets just made the biggest signing of the day by locking up Alan Faneca (4-year, $32 million, that’s gotta piss-off Chris over at NicePickCowher).  This gives the Jets the one of the best left sides in football (D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Faneca, and Nick Mangold).  Sorry Minnesota, though the talent is equal, I gotta go with the younger guys. 

Jonathan Vilma will

fit in New Orleans perfectly.  The Saints have been in need of a dominate figure in the middle for the last 2 years, and now have the perfect guy for the job.  The Jets get something out of an inevitable move (Vilma trade) and probably used the picks they received from the Saints to trade for Jenkins.

Well I said yesterday that I believed the Dolphins will select Sedrick Ellis with the 1st overall pick, and the trade for Jason Fergusson changes nothing.  Jay Ratliff of the Dallas Cowboys did a great job filling in for Fergusson after his season ending torn biceps.  With Ratliff finding a home at nose-tackle, the 33-year old Fergusson became expendable.  I think Parcells is bringing in one of his guys to help Ellis progress, but nothing more.

The Buffalo Bills made a quiet splash with the signing of Kawika MitchellWhen the Patriots and Giants played in Week 17 Mitchell was injured.  I think Mitchell was one of the main reasons the Patriots won that day, and not only for his great linebacking skills, but because the Giants defense lost their quarterback.  Most fans know that the middle-linebacker is like the quarterback of the defense; calling plays, and making adjustments that are often overlooked by the average fan.  Only question I have is where are you going to put Paul Posluszny?

DT Shaun Roger’s was just traded to the Cincinnati Bengals for undisclosed draft picks.  I think Rogers is a great player and will do well in Cincy, but when problem players have gone to the Bengals lately they seem to become even bigger problems; so I don’t know if Rogers is going to get the discipline he needs.


One of the first signings of the morning was former Raider Jerry Porter.  I’ve said for weeks that Porter needed to move on, and I’m confident that he’ll do very well in Jacksonville.  Porter’s a good guy that’s seen and dealt with a lot of garbage during the last 5-years in Oakland, and deserved the chance to spend his final NFL years on a team with fewer headaches.