The Madness Begins…


The free-agency period in the NFL began 3 hours ago, and within moments, announcements were made.  Here are the first signings, and a couple comments:

I commend the franchise from across the Bay for making the first splash by confirming the DeShaun Foster rumors.  I think his presence will push Frank Gore to not make so many mistakes, and be more consistent.  

The Dolphins’ signed Justin Smiley to a 5-year $25 million dollar contract, leaving the 49ers to replace both of their starters last season at guard (Larry Allen-FA).  The Niners were said to have decided around the end of last season that they would not bring back either Allen or Smiley. 

The only other players the Niners are rumored to be after are defensive end Justin Smith and linebacker Lance Briggs.  I like Smith and Briggs, but the offense was the Niners glaring weak spot, and I know you have to replace Bryant Young and Marques Douglas, but both Smith and Briggs are going to cost a lot of money, and if you’re willing to spend that money, then why not try and go after Alan Faneca and Jake Scott? 

It might be true, but who am I to talk; my Oakland Raiders just signed a guy with 13 sacks in 42 games to a $50.5 million dollar contract.  At least the Smith and Briggs signings would guarantee production, the Raiders can’t guarantee me that Kelly can even walk right now, let alone be ready to play Week 1.  I love the potential Tommy Kelly has, but this signing just doesn’t make sense; at least not right now. 

Props to the Tampa Bay Bucs for snagging the best center in free-agency.  Jeff Faine struggled in Cleveland, and was labeled a 1st round bust, but has been an elite player ever since going to New Orleans.  I think it’s a great signing. 

It’s funny because as I write this ESPN announces that Derek Anderson has declined the Cleveland Browns tendered contract, and all at 3am Central Time.  Not only does it make me realize that Brady Quinn is now the starter for the Browns, but it makes me wonder who Anderson got a phone call from that convinced him to decline to offer.  I know I’m going to get up in the morning and Anderson’s going to be on a plane headed to a new state, and a new team.   

Sometimes I forget how crazy it gets every year.