Rhodes Restructures, Green Returns


Dominic Rhodes helped to clear cap space for the 2008 season by restructuring his contract from $3 million to $1.75 million.  I did not see Rhodes returning for next season, but this definitely changes things.  All the uncertainty that comes with the Oakland Raider running backs (Fargas-injuries, Rhodes-inconsistent and a little overrated, Michael Bush-injury) leaves me to still believe the Raiders can select Darren McFadden if he’s the best player available at the #4 spot. 

Cornell Green did not make it past Week 11, but played well before suffering a season ending knee injury.  Green gives the Raiders insurance at right tackle if there are none of the already few zone-blocking offensive linemen left when the Raiders make any of their first day selections; leaving Kwame Harris as the left tackle.  This is not the scenario that I’m looking for, but it might end up being what happens. 

Green signed a 2-year contract with no financial terms yet available, but with Harris only receiving $3 million for 08′, I see Green getting no more than $1.75 million a year.  Hardly a dent in the NFL’s $116 million dollar salary cap, and like I mentioned earlier today, the Raiders came into free-agency $30 million under that number.  ESPN analysts want to rip on the Raiders spending spree, but don’t they realize how huge the cap is?  Don’t they realize it’s going to get bigger every year?  Don’t they realize that if you bring in the talent and start winning then more players will follow?  Don’t they realize that the Raiders can restructure any players contract at any time?  Rhodes and Robert Gallery’s restructured contracts tell me the Raiders are actually planning. 

This team needs an influx of talent more than anything else; even if it means over paying a couple players.