For Instance (Sedrick Ellis)


Sedrick Ellis’ performance from the Senior Bowl.  There’s at least one play where he lines up at nose tackle, and another that he might be at the nose, but could be playing the 3-technique in the 4-3. 

The second play is a great example of what he can do in a 3-4.  You’ll notice him quickly put his hands on both guys in front of him showing great speed and athleticism to get around the men and to the quarterback.  Ellis’ weekly approach while at USC, and his 34 reps at the bench shows he can overpower most opponents.  I think Ellis realized that he’s going to need more than just power to play at the next level.

Ellis was only stopped during this game when he was double teamed, but as you’ll find in first and last plays in this video the o-linemen do not to meet Ellis face to face at the line, probably in fear of being overpowered; revealing that Ellis has been working on using his speed, and the right angles to get to the quarterback.  In other words, I think he’s got all the physical attributes needed to be an All-Pro defensive tackle.