Prospect Profile: Thaddeus Coleman


Lately I’ve tried to focus on finding footage on the late round prospects that I think the Raiders should draft.  As of now the Oakland Raiders have only 5 picks in this weekend’s draft (1st, 4th, 6th, and two 7th round selections).  Given the fact ESPN and the NFL Network focus on the early round talent, and the fact that the Raiders only have one selection within their conversation, I thought I’d try to find info on some of the late round prospects.  Out of the 30 or so players the DraftGuys have taken a look at this offseason, there’s been 2 guys I’ve already profiled, here’s a couple more. 

Offensive linemen with the athletic skill needed for a zone-blocking scheme are hard to find, but Thaddeus Coleman is one guy I think fits the build, and could add immediate competition at the right tackle spot that’s already up for grabs.  Lane Kiffin announced last month that Cornell Green and 2nd year OT (the guy we traded this year’s 3rd round pick for) Mario Henderson will compete for starting right tackle. 

I think Coleman would be worth looking taking in the 6th or with our early 7th if he’s still around, but the clip below his is of Demetrius Bell, another athletic OT that could be an undrafted free-agent or possible 7th rounder.  Bell is a former basketball player with all the god given talent that’s needed in a zone-blocking scheme, but has only played football for a couple years, comes from a small program, and isn’t remotely strong enough; yet.  Kiffin said yesterday that most of the names on their list of offensive line prospects are not names many fans would recognize.  I’m thinking these two guys might be on that list. 

If the Raiders pick up any additional picks in the first 3 rounds I’ll immediately post the prospects that fit their needs.  Trust me, I’d love to be profiling the more talented prospects, but that would be work that could be waist my time, and be useless to the reader.  But I’ve gathered the info, and will be ready for any trade with the prospects the Raiders should be lookng at, and a profile of every draft pick right after the selection.