A Shout Out to Phin Phinatic


Brian Miller over at our Miami Dolphins Fan-Sided Blog has informed us colleagues of some recent accomplishments that deserve promoting.  Although this is an Oakland Raiders blog, as my boss put it, “[this] really involves all football fans”.  Brian has the privilege of being the official team blogger during the production of the upcoming movie on the life of Marlon Bricoe.  Below is one of the many postings Miller will put up about the movie in the next few months.  Click Here for more details. 

The Magician is Marlin Briscoe.  Phinphanatic.com is pleased to bring you the latest on a film about the life, the addictions, and the self-resurrection of one of the Miami Dolphins 1972 players.  Marlin Briscoe was not just another NFL athlete.  Briscoe was the first black QB to start in the NFL.  A pioneer who has received little of the recognition he so deserves.  A Jim Valvano Courage Award winner, Briscoe’s life took him from the ghettos of Omaha, Nebraska in the 50’s to the Los Angeles nightlife that almost killed him.  This is the story of a man who escaped his addictions and now helps others with his story.

West Omaha Films, LLC, a group founded by David B. Clark, Terry Hanna, and actor John Beasley was formed in 2006.  The group is currently developing the film that will be based on Briscoe’s autobiography, “The First Black Quarterback: Marlin Briscoe’s Journey to Break the Color Barrier and Start in the NFL”.

While the film is currently being developed, you can keep up with all of the new developments here on Phinphanatic.com or by visiting the official movie web page, MarlinBriscoeMovie.com.

On this page you will find exclusive content that has been published on the Phinphanatic.com website.  Including links to each of the articles published here as well as the links to each interview of Mr. Briscoe, and all other interviews with the West Omaha Films group executives, as well as all other film interests, simply click the desired link below to each.  This page will update regularly as new content is provided.