Weekend Thoughts, Week 5


Mercifully, it’s an off week for the Raiders. On the bright side, the Raiders were relevant again on the national scene. On the dark side, Awful Al is still running the team. Good luck Tom Cable…your 11-35 record at powerhouse school Idaho should serve you well. Me thinks this season is about to get ugly.

Anyway, let’s talk about the other games (we need something to discuss this weekend). I give you my predictions for the week!

Chicago at Detroit – You couldn’t pay me to watch this game. The Bears did everything in their power to give the game away to the Eagles last Sunday. The Lions are, well the Lions. Bears 31, Lions 20

Atlanta at Green Bay – The Falcons are surprisingly competitive. But, the Packers are still the better team. If the Pack don’t play well in this one, we’ll be forced to start listening to more “should they have traded Favre?” stories. I don’t think I can take that. Packers 24, Falcons 14

San Diego at Miami – You can’t make me believe that Miami is suddenly good after beating New England two weeks ago. San Diego is turning the corner after the tough start. Chargers 28, Dolphins 17

Seattle at NY Giants – Seattle will probably wake up in the 3rd quarter when the game is already out of reach. No Plaxico for the Giants will make it closer than it should be, though. Giants 24, Seahawks 14

Washington at Philadelphia – This week’s NFC East battle supreme. Is Washington as good as they looked against the Cowboys? I think so. Redskins 31, Eagles 28

Kansas City at Carolina – Welcome back to reality Chiefs. The Panthers D is a wee bit better than Denver’s. Panthers 20, Chiefs 10

Tennessee at Baltimore – Baltimore was surprisingly good for most of the game Monday at Pittsburgh. Then, Joe Flacco had a few rookie moments. I predict a few more rookie moments this week. Titans 17, Ravens 14

Indianapolis at Houston – I’ve got a feeling Peyton isn’t happy how this season has started and spent the off week getting the ship righted. The offense should be clicking. Colts 38, Texans 28

Tampa Bay at Denver – Denver crashed back to earth last week. Chalk it up to Shanahan just doesn’t beat the Chiefs. Plus, he knows the many weaknesses of Brian Griese. Broncos 27, Bucs 21

Cincinnati at Dallas – I wouldn’t want to be on Cincinnati’s defense this week. Romo and the ‘Boys will be looking to show that last week was a fluke. Cowboys 42, Bengals 14

Buffalo at Arizona – Who would have guessed the Bills would be 4-0? Is it time to start believing? I’ll wait until next week. Cards 21, Bills 20

New England at San Francisco – A pretty big game for both teams. The Pats need to show they can succeed without Brady. The 49ers need to show they’re taking a step to the next level. I’ll take the Pats having two weeks to get ready. Pats 20, 49ers 14

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville – I’m not sure Pittsburgh has enough players to field a team. Jaguars 23, Steelers 10

Minnesota at New Orleans – This should be a pretty entertaining Monday nighter. New Orleans continues to look like an offensive juggernaut, but losing Colston and Shockey has to slow them down eventually. Minnesota should run wild in this one since their line is finally back together. Vikings 24, Saints 20