A New Low


453-77…Atlanta’s total yardage versus Oakland’s.

201-10…Difference in total passing yardage.

252-67…Difference in total rushing yardage.

30-3…….Difference in first downs.

45:15-14:45.…Difference in time of possession.

Atlanta 24, Oakland 0. The Raiders are achieving new levels of ineptitude.

There’s not much else to say about the game. Other than the punting game, Atlanta completely dominated the Raiders. Of course, when an opponent gets 30 first downs, their punting game isn’t very necessary.

The loss drops the Raiders to 2-6. Even though Denver and San Diego continue to lose, it’s impossible to consider the Raiders an AFC West contender. The team has either quit or they’re simply awful. Either way, they’re taking embarrassment to a new extreme.