Two in a Row?


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Raider fans!

My name is Scott Allen, lead blogger for the Arizona Cardinals fan site, Raising Zona. I am substituting this weekend and wanted to introduce myself.  Let me be honest by starting off saying, I’m definitely not a fan of the Raiders.  This franchise is in a state of disarray and I’ve seen corpses more alive than Al Davis.  I’ve never been a fan of how Al Davis runs things.  I think he did Lane Kiffin wrong.  I think he did wrong by Deangelo Hall, even though he certainly was not worth the money he was being paid.

I will say however, I like the fact the Raiders have not given up.  I was very impressed by the win in Denver this past Sunday.  The 31-10 demolition of the Broncos at Invesco Field really showed the Broncos are not ready to take their game to the next level.  I think Oakland rolls this weekend at home against Kansas City.  There may not be a worse team than Kansas City in the AFC, although, Oakland is close.  If only Oakland had an offense.  Hey, you have to like the defensive effort this season.  They held Carolina to 17 points and if Oakland had half an offense they would have easily won that game.  They’ve defeated the NY Jets and Denver.  Should have won in Buffalo too.

So, Oakland should be 4-8 by the end of the weekend.  Enjoy it.  You might even see Oakland score points again this week.  Just score baby!

Scott Allen