Maybe They Can Watch Some Real Football Today


After the Raiders failed to show up on Thursday in the Chargers 34-7 demolition of the boys in black and white, I think a good idea is to sit in front of the television on Sunday and watch some real football.

I don’t know what it was the Raiders were playing on Thursday in San Diego, but it sure wasn’t NFL football.  The NFL’s most dis-functional franchise (maybe some in Detroit would argue with me on that) isn’t getting any better.  The offense is horrible.  The defense is horrible.  As a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, it was hard to imagine anyone giving them a run for their money on penalties, but I found them.  They play in Oakland.

You’ve got to buy a better backup quarterback than Andrew Walter.  The Raiders would be smart to draft a quarterback in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Anyway, in the meantime, the Raiders are getting everything they deserve right now.  It’s no fun being on the loser side, trust me I have plenty of experience in that.  Until the day Al Davis finally passes though (cause he will never get rid of the team as long as he lives), the Raiders will have a hard time contending in the NFL.

Scott Allen