NFL Limits Bags Brought Into Stadiums


A lot of discussion has been floating around the internet regarding who is responsible for the bag limit that became effective on Thursday, June 13, 2013.  I have read blog posts where fans were blaming the Oakland Raiders Organization and Mark Davis personally.  It’s easy to blame Oakland, the Oakland Raiders, or Mark Davis, but this was a National Football League (NFL) mandated rule.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, a lot of emphasis has been placed on security at large public events throughout the world of sports, concerts, etc…  Look, it only takes one idiot to mess things up for the rest of the world.  This time it was two brothers who came to a free country to educate themselves and make a life for their families.  Instead, they decided to use terrorism to get their message out about whom they disliked by using bombs.  They killed innocent, every day, hard-working Americans.  What a couple of jackasses!

Every action has a reaction.  The reaction in this country is to limit the size of bags at large events and heighten security.  The NFL’s reaction is to tighten stadium security starting this preseason, limiting the size and type of bags fans can bring to the game.  The restrictions are designed to enhance security while speeding up entry into stadiums.

Jan 30, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; NFL vice president chief security officer Jeffrey Miller talks about the security buildup alongside New Orleans police department superintendent Ronal Serpas and Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano during the press conference for security preparation for Super Bowl XLVII at the New Orleans convention center. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With the exception of medically necessary items, only clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags, no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches, will be allowed.  One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag, and small clear plastic bags approximately the size of someone’s hand, with or without a handle or strap, will also be okay.  One of those clear bags and a small clutch bag will be allowed per person, and binoculars, cameras, and smartphones are also permitted.

Banned items will include purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, seat cushions, luggage, computer bags, and camera bags, or any bag larger than the permissible size.  The league is encouraging fans not to bring any bags to games.

Jeffrey Miller, the NFL’s chief security officer, said Thursday, “Our fans deserve to be in a safe and secure environment.”  “Public safety is our top priority.  This will make the job of checking items much more efficient and effective.  We will be able to deliver a better and quicker experience at the gates and provide a safer environment.  We appreciate our fans’ cooperation.”

Tailgating is still the same as it was in past years, and it is encouraged.  However, the NFL is limiting what is brought into the game stadiums.  The Oakland Raiders Organization, along with all other 31 teams, must conform to this policy or be fined or restricted by the NFL.  This is the way it is going to be.  We all just have to accept it.  However, if you do feel that this policy is too strict, please feel free to submit your complaints directly to the NFL.