Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid postgame transcript


Oct 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid looks at the scoreboard against the Oakland Raiders in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Moving to 6-0 and staying undefeated in his first year as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid praised his team and gave his take on the Raiders-Chiefs rivalry and snapping Kansas City’s losing streak to Oakland at home in his postgame press conference.

Quotes from the Chiefs official website:

Opening Statement

“As far as the injuries go, really Branden Albert is the main one; Branden had a knee contusion (and his) elbow hyperextended, just before that. His X-rays were negative, but he’ll have an MRI tomorrow and we’ll just see how he’s doing there. Dontari Poe has a slightly-sprained ankle, sore ankle. It was a sprain, but he was able to go back out and play with it and did a nice job. Every win is a big win. When you can win with a crowd like this, it makes it even better. I know we were striving to beat the noise record, the decibel record and we got it up to 137.5. That’s pretty incredible and it was loud, I mean real loud, ground-shaking loud. First of all, collectively, I thought as a team, the guys played well. Tamba Hali had 3.5 sacks and Justin Houston had a bunch of them. There were 10 sacks total here, by my count, and that’s pretty good. Three takeaways, 17 points allowed and the three false starts and I give these to the crowd, the three false starts and three delay of games. That’s pretty impressive. Jamaal (Charles) on the offensive side, with the two touchdowns, I thought we ran the ball when we needed, again and well. We’re starting slow. We’ve got to start a little faster. It will make things easier, as we go here. Special teams played a good, solid job. You have to remember, we’re playing the number one special teams in the National Football League. Bobby April, who was my special teams coach at one time, is a phenomenal coach and is very creative. You saw the run that he ran and he’s very good at what he does. It’s a tribute to Dave Toub and the job that he did along with the guys there on special teams. All in all, (it was a) good team win. We don’t take any wins for granted, that’s not how we operate. We are going to enjoy every one of these that we have a chance to enjoy. The guys will do that tonight. Then, we’ll get back and get ready to go against a good Houston team, coming up.”

How do you explain the two interceptions and still winning? What about the fourth quarter production?

“Bob (Sutton) is doing a great job dialing them up and the guys are doing a great job executing, when the teams are in a situation, when they have had to throw in the fourth quarter. Our pass rush, that’s a tough thing to do. But Bob Sutton and the defensive staff had a great game plan against what I think is an up-and-coming quarterback, who is very dangerous and a well-coached football team. Dennis (Allen) is doing a nice job with that team. You look at the improvement they have made over a year or two for him. He’s really doing a nice job.”

Terrelle Pryor usually has a great pass rush. What did you do to stop him today?

“Well, he took off and ran and there were a few times I was holding my breath. I’m not sure about you, but I was holding my breath when he took off. We were able to keep him boxed up for the most part, but when he goes and takes off and runs, he can take off and run.”

What about Alex Smith’s lack of efficiency? Why are his numbers not so great?

“I wouldn’t say it’s lack of efficiency. He’s taking care of the football. When it counts, he makes the play. I appreciate him. We’re winning football games, and he’s doing a nice job managing it. Everybody feeds off of it, on both sides of the ball; (they) feed off his leadership and his ability to manage a football game. Then, we have a punter that’s a pretty good punter. That’s a nice combination to have and a kicker who can back him up, too.”

Was the option play you ran intended to catch teams off guard?

“Well (Alex Smith) did that in college. He was very effective with it in college. He’s got a nice feel and he knows when to get down, which is important.”

What about the history with the Raiders and breaking the losing streak at Arrowhead?

“I didn’t get caught up in all of that. I enjoy the history of the Raiders and the Chiefs. Our players, they understand that. We broke out some old Emmitt Thomas tape and kind of showed them what it was all about. They, along with the fans, embrace this rivalry and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you get your work done and make sure that you don’t just go all on emotion, that you get your game plan down and that you take care of that too. I thought they did well.”

You brought up Emmitt Thomas; is that the defense and offense you were trying to run? Old school?

“We want to keep the offense growing and keep playing good defense and the kicking game is important. I wasn’t here for those, but we want to keep playing good defense, I guess.”