Report: Deadspin releases list of fineable Raiders cheerleader offenses


Nov 24, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; An Oakland Raiders cheerleader from the raiderettes performs during a timeout against the Tennessee Titans in the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Titans defeated the Raiders 23-19. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday it was reported that a 2013 Raiderette, named Lacy T. was suing the Oakland Raiders for paying cheerleaders $125 per day amongst other labor related grievances. One of Lacy T.’s main issues was the “schedule of fines,” which is published before the season by the Raiderettes’ director. The fines are docked from the $125 per-game salary that cheerleaders don’t receive until the end of the season, according to the lawsuit.

The good folks at provided the list of fines which was given to the website by Lacy T.’s attorney.

"Forget to bring (including but not limited to) correct pom(s) or props to practice? $10.00 fineWear wrong designated workout wear and/or footwear for two-piece Wednesday rehearsals, special rehearsals and/or game day rehearsals? $10.00 fineNot able to get bios in on time? $10.00 fineForget all or part of the official uniform, boots, and or poms for any event or game day? $10.00 fine (per item) and/or benched from game (-125.00)Boots not clean and polished for game day? $10.00 fineFailure to follow point #1 under Etiquette or Appearances (Game Day Ready)? $10.00 fineFINES WILL CONTINUE TO DOUBLE IF INFRACTIONS CONTINUE. Example: a $10 fine will go up to $20 if you forget to wear the proper attire for a second time, etc."

Obviously this doesn’t look good for the Raiders, and it is quite clear their cheerleaders feel that they should be paid more than on a essentially volunteer basis for the entertainment they provide. At the same time, Mark Davis and the franchise aren’t exactly bringing in huge profits, which could be the driving factor behind the low wages. This story has gone national at this point and is not going away, at the end of the day it is likely the Raider cheerleaders will wind up with better working conditions out of the lawsuit while the team gets another black eye in the mainstream media.