Just Say NO! 2014 Free Agents Oakland Raiders Need to Avoid

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Nov 17, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick, QB

Age: 33

Reason to Avoid:

Many have speculated Michael Vick would be the ideal stop-gap QB option for the Raiders. A talented former star QB, looking for a team to help in the twilight of his career. Sounds perfect right?

Not so fast….Michael Vick has developed into an injury prone turnover machine during in time in Philly. The big plays and excitement Vick used to bring, are now far and few between.

Vick has proven he cannot remain healthy for a full season and in the NFL, a QB’s “Ability is only as good as his Availability.”

Vick is still a top-notch athlete with a rocket arm. Yet for a veteran of 11 years, Vick has not shown consistently in the pocket, and continues to be turnover prone.

Stats don’t lie, since becoming a starter in Philadelphia, Vick has thrown 33 interceptions and fumbled the ball 36 times in 42 games.

Hard to win when you give away the football.

Bottom Line….At this stage in his career, Vick is nothing more than a backup. Injury and turnover prone, not ideal fit for a young team.