New look for the Oakland Raiders?


Every year a uniform/graphic arts designer submits their take on a change in the style or look of an NFL uniform.  Obviously the Oakland Raiders look has, for the most part, transcended time and bridged the generational gap with its basic colors of Silver and Black.  As you can see in this photograph, the Oakland Raiders uniforms show little change from 1960 to present:

Courtesy of the NFL

In every business, when a new regime takes over, changes occur.  Sometimes the changes are very subtle, and other times the changes are radical and bordering on insane.  For years now, graphic arts designers have played with the look of the Oakland Raiders uniforms, and some of them are quite good.  As a matter of fact, there is one in particular that accentuates the Silver and Black look by only making small changes to the traditional look.

Graphic arts designer Jesse Alkire has submitted his version of the Oakland Raiders uniforms, and these are very well done.  There’s even a special “Black Hole” edition uniform that would be awesome to see in the Coliseum.  In his own words on his website (, Jesse Alkire explained why he didn’t make any drastic changes to the Raiders look;

“Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched.  Solid-color socks give one of the NFL’s most traditional uniforms a slick, modern feel.  Alternate “Black Hole” uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.”

Check these out:

Courtesy of Jesse Alkire

A close-up of the uniform reveals just how classic Jesse Alkire keeps the look of the helmet and jersey:

Courtesy of Jesse Alkire

Still other designs exist that alter the logo on the helmet to be more of a retro look, but these still look extremely tough:

Courtesy of Charles Sollars

Courtesy of Charles Sollars

While none of these looks have been accepted by the Oakland Raiders organization, it’s a lot of fun to think of how the team would look sporting these uniforms as the Raiders edge into the future of football.

I have always been a person who has held true to the look of the Oakland Raiders, and I am uneasy about a change, but I have to admit these two different looks from Jesse Alkire and Charles Sollars actually honor the tradition of the Oakland Raiders.  With the new regime in place, it might not be a bad idea to change the uniform up just a little-bit.  Let me know what you think…