Ask Raider Nation: Logan Kuehner


Dec 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Oakland Raiders fullback Marcel Reece (45) runs with the ball while being chased by New York Jets safety Dawan Landry (26) during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Every week on Wednesday, I will post this segment, “Ask Raider Nation.”  It is a segment dedicated to Raiders Fan’s who want to give their opinion on what’s happening in the world of the Raiders.  All interested fan’s should email me and let me know they would like to have their views heard.  Just Blog Baby and Fansided have a huge fan-base, so it’s a chance to communicate to the world. 

From Allentown, PA, it’s Logan Kuehner.  Logan has been an Oakland Raiders fan for 15 years.  He goes to the same high school that Oakland Raiders Linebacker Matt Millen (1980’s) attended.  He’s been a Raiders fan all his life, because his Dad and Grandfather are also Raiders fans.  Raider Nation runs in his blood.  Here’s Logan’s take on the state of the Raiders:

“I’ll start with the offseason.  I had high hopes coming into this offseason.  The Raiders had almost 60 million dollars to spend like crazy.  They let Veldheer and Houston walk. Not happy to see both of them go.  If anything I would have liked to see Veldheer return, because he had a lot of upside and was a monster.  I felt Houston was at the peak of his potential, so not as bad to me as Veldheer leaving.”

“The rest of free agency started a little slow.  It seemed like big name players were falling off the board quick.  In the back of my mind I knew Reggie Mckenzie wasn’t going to spend like crazy, which is a good thing.  Then the Saffold debacle took place.  Though, I knew the media slammed Mckenzie hard for that, I’m glad we didn’t give him all that money.  The Raiders bounced back with the signings of Tuck and Woodley.  Great signings of players that can still put in work and bring a winning attitude to the locker room.  Mcfadden was a low risk signing.  He’ll most likely get injured and leave next year.”

“Tarell Brown was a good addition and steal from the Whiners.  The same goes for Carlos Rogers who can bring that veteran presence, but he’s getting a little old.  MJD is a good signing, he can help when RUN DMC gets injured, or he can just start.  Happy C-Wood is back, he’s Raider Nation for life and can finish with the team that drafted him!  Antonio Smith and CJ Wilson were descent signings and great for depth.”

“Trading for Schaub was something I liked.  I have love for TP2, but his days are numbered.  I’d rather have TP2 as a backup than McGloin.  Hopefully Schaub can bounce back from that horrible season last year.  The last good QB the Raiders had was Rich Gannon, or maybe Jason Campbell.  James Jones was great add to, but he’s getting old as well.  Glad Pat Sims resigned, a NT was something we needed. ”

“Overall we had a good offseason.  We still need more depth that we can probably get through the draft.  I’m ok with Mckenzie grabbing Khalil Mack with the 5th pick.  If he’s not there we should trade back and maybe get Mike Evans if he’s available.  I think a good draft would cap a great offseason.  It’s hard to be optimistic, but I’m looking forward to the next season.  There’s been so much loosing in the past 10 years, but I do like the direction were going in.  Whether they win or lose I’m apart of the Raider Nation for life.”

“My favorite Raiders moment was seeing them for the first time in person.  It was the game against the Jets this past season in New Jersey.  I was happy to see guys like Sea-bass and Marcel Reece run for a TD.  I didn’t care that I was surrounded by Jets fans, I sported the Silver and Black the whole time.  I love the Raiders, win or lose, and I can’t wait to see them at home in Cali one day!”

Good stuff Logan.  We in Raider Nation will always support our team, no matter where we are.  California will welcome you with open arms, and I know that will be a special day for you.  Walking into the Oakland Raiders coliseum for the first time is a special moment for any Raiders fan.  You will never forget the feeling.  I still get goose bumps just thinking about it.  Keep representing and never give up!  Go Raiders!

Again, if anybody out there in Raider Nation would like a chance to have their thoughts heard, simply email me with your request at, or follow me on Twitter @EC4Life1012.  Thanks for all the support, and Go Raiders!

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