Oakland Raiders 2014 NFL Draft: Which Round Should Raiders Draft a Quarterback?


Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Terrelle Pryor era appears to be over in Oakland. It was fun, exciting, yet disappointing all at the same time. It has been reported Pryor could be traded by next Monday. What the Raiders could get in return for Pryor is up for speculation, but either way all signs point to his departure.

With Pryor out of the picture, it becomes very apparent Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders will opt to draft a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The 2014 Draft is an interesting case, of no surefire Top-5 picks at the position, but many intriguing candidates who could surprise or fail to live up to expectations in the NFL.

Here is my current Big Board for the Top Ten QB’s in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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As you can see I do not have any Quarterback worthy of a Top-5 pick. That does not mean a QB will not go in the Top-5, as the Quarterback is one position teams will reach on.

Teddy Bridgewater was my top QB, and still is very high on my board. Teddy’s game tape is so smooth, efficient, and shows every attribute you could want from a QB. Yet his offseason has been marred by rumors, questions, and doubts. His Pro-Day concerned me, not from a throwing or accuracy standpoint, but rather from a lack of calm under pressure. Bridgewater seemed rattled by the bright lights and media exposure of his Pro-Day. Was it just a fluke? Hopefully, but do you really want a QB afraid of the bright lights?

I love Johnny Football, and would love to see him in a Raider uniform. I’ve heard time and again, Manziel is not what the Raiders and Dennis Allen are looking for in a Quarterback. WTF!

What NFL Team is not looking for a play-making, exciting, passionate QB who is a proven winner? I may eat these words, but I am sold on Johnny Football, he is Cam Newton short.

My big riser during the Draft Season has been AJ McCarron. I hate Alabama QB’s, hell after Rolando McClain I’m not a fan of many prospects coming out of ‘Bama.

McCarron in my estimation can break the mold. He is has the size, intelligence, and toughness needed in the NFL. I think he is a safe game-managing QB, with enough tools to grow and become elite if put in the right position. McCarron has grown on me, plus his gorgeous fiance would look great in Raider gear.

With the rest of the QB prospects I see a lot of great qualities, but I also see some serious concerns. The rest of the bunch should be considered projects.

Here some quick thoughts on the rest:

  • Derek Carr has been linked to the Raiders a lot this offseason, but the competition he faced in college, as well as his accuracy under pressure concern me. I see Kyle Boller, or at best the overrated Matthew Stafford.
  • Blake Bortles looks the part, but watching him at UCF, he was just a guy. UCF ran a run first offense and asked Bortles to make the safe throws. Bortles has potential, but can he meet it?
  • The more I watch Jimmy Garroppolo, the more I realize he may have to drastically change the way he throws in the NFL. His release point is really low. He has the fastest trigger, but if the ball is constantly being tipped at the line of scrimmage, whats the point. Not a fan of his deep ball either.
  • Fales and Murray are sleepers, have all the tools, just need the right situation to succeed.
  • Mettenberger is a statue who can throw. Played with two top-flight WR’s at LSU who may have made up for some accuracy issues.
  • The current man of the hour is Tom Savage. His agent has worked magic this offseason. If his character checks out, sure, but C’mon man, from Undraftable to 1st or 2nd rd? I can’t see it.

So where do the Raiders stand regarding the QB position? What would be the best round for the Raiders to Draft a possible QB of the Future?

Matt Schaub is currently an insurance policy in my eyes. Similar to Matt Flynn, Reggie traded for Schaub to be the starter, with a hope of bringing in a young QB to groom.

Many people have ruled out the first round with regards to the Raiders passing on a passer. I would agree. An impact player is needed right away in Oakland, and there should be a number of impact players outside of the QB position still available at #5.

While the 3rd round would be ideal for me, Reggie McKenzie may have to start the run on quarterbacks with his 2nd round pick. Waiting until the 3rd, is a risk if in fact the Raiders have their eyes on a certain QB.

From most mock drafts, that would mean possibly losing out on selecting McCarron, Mettenberger, Savage, and Garroppolo, who have been projected by some as surefire 2nd rounders.

If the Raiders decide to wait on a QB, they may find the cupboard a bit bare. A lower level QB like Keith Wenning, Logan Thomas, or Jeff Matthews could be had in the 3rd or 4th rounds, which would not be a great value and a bit of a reach.

What do you think?

Check back for updated poll results.