Oakland Raiders 2014 Schedule: Ranking the most anticipated games

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Nov 24, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns fans cheer against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

#16. @ Cleveland (Week 8)

Quality of Opponent 

Cleveland is going to be an exciting mix of young players in 2014, after all they do have two first round picks, but they are still going to be the same old Browns we have seen before (something that can also be said about the Raiders, I know). You just don’t know what you are going to get from Cleveland, which is why they are known to go on pocket bubbles of momentum during seasons. That doesn’t mean this game will be a genuinely exciting matchup, but the prospect of getting to watch two first round picks take on the Raiders is at least something of interest even if it will already be Week 8 by this point.


As far as I know Oakland has no beef with the Browns, but I am sure we will all come up with something by Week 8.

Location, Location, Location 

This is where this game gets slapped with the “worst” game on the schedule tag. These following things cemented its spot in the #16 hole:

  1. It is in Cleveland.
  2. This game is sandwiched between some of the most highly anticipated games on the schedule. Oakland plays San Diego and Arizona at home before playing Seattle following this game. The potential of a trap game loss for the Raiders here is tremendous.
  3. Machine Gun Kelly is a terrible rapper.
  4. This game is in Cleveland.

Chance of Victory (Extremely Early Prognosis) 

As hard and as pointless as it is to break down a Week 8 football game before the NFL Draft, minicamp, training camp, and preseason even take place this game is likely going to be a pretty even matchup between two teams in similar rebuilding stages. This game will likely all come down to momentum and if the Raiders or Browns are coming out of a big win that team should be considered as the slight favorites in this matchup. However as I said, the fact this game is compressed between games that the Raiders themselves are likely looking forward to there is a chance of a letdown come Week 8.

Game Quality Ratings (Out of 10)

Quality of Opponent: 1

Rivalry: 0 

Location, Location, Location: 0

Chance of Victory: 4.9 

Overall Game Quality: 5.9 out of 40.