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Every week on Wednesday, I will post this segment, “Ask Raider Nation.”  It is a segment dedicated to Raiders Fan’s who want to give their opinion on what’s happening in the world of the Raiders.  All interested fan’s should email me and let me know they would like to have their views heard.  Just Blog Baby and Fansided have a huge fan-base, so it’s a chance to communicate to the world. 

From Kentucky, we have C. Lewis Dixon.  He’s 52 years old and a lifelong Kentuckian who has been an Oakland Raiders fan since he was 7 years old.  The Mad Bomber, Daryle Lamonica, got him hooked and he has never wavered from being a Raiders fan.  Here’s what Mr. Dixon had to offer about the state of the Oakland Raiders:

“I too, share your excitement about this years team, the Free Agency signings and most especially the upcoming draft.  I have prepared a spread sheet of the available players at their respective positions and have a pretty good feel for the best players in order by position, give or take.  I can’t wait for the draft.”

“I realize that the Raiders really need that difference maker, but let’s imagine whatever player you want is still available.  Would you rather pick at the # 5 spot or trade down to pick at the #8-9 spot and pick up an extra 2nd round pick, or trade down to pick at the #15-16 pick and pick up an extra 2nd & 3rd round pick?  Realizing if Mack, Clowney or Watkins is available, it probably ups the ante even more with an even extra pick or two.”

“I say trade down to #8-9, but no farther.  With the #8-9 pick, I think you still possibly get that franchise type player if you’re smart, like Matthews, Evans, Donald.  It would kill me to pass on Mack or Watkins, but with our needs being so great for young players and this draft being so deep, I think we have to trade down and hope Mack or Watkins is available, so we can get more players.  I would hold out for at least a 2nd and possibly a 5th or 6th, too, if the big guys are available.  I think trading down to #15-16 puts us further down than we want to be in the 1st.  What say you?”

“One of the best scenarios for the Raiders is Atlanta trading up to the # 1 spot to draft Clowney, because then Houston will be right behind us at #6.  From the #6 spot, I think Houston would likely pick a QB (Bortles), which could make Minnesota motivated to trade with us to get in front of Houston to pick Bortles or whichever QB they want.  This would give us a good pick at #8, and the Raiders would pick up an extra pick or two depending on the round.”

“At #8, I would like Matthews, Lewan, Evans, Donald, or Jernigan.  Gilbert would be good, too.  I’m not much of a Nix or Hageman fan that high.  Of course, we could get the opportunity to trade back again, but I agree with you that I would not want to go too far back.  I know San Fran is wanting to offer a load of draft picks to move up the draft and that is tempting.  However, I just think the Raiders need to get a quality Top 10-12 Pick and not have their first pick at #30.  I’m thinking their best quality is OT with Matthews or Lewan, because it is a position of need and they are top players.  Certainly Evans and Donald are enticing prospects. Have a great day!”

I definitely love the old days of Daryle Lamonica (The Mad Bomber).  Can’t believe this 3x-AFL All-Star, 2x-Pro Bowler, 3x-AFL Champion, 1967 AFL MVP, 1969 AFL MVP, and 3x-AP First-Team All AFL/AFC player is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Especially since his winning percentage is 2nd best in NFL history at 78.4% (66-16-4 as a starter).  Otto Graham is first in winning percentage with 81%, and he is in the Hall of Fame.  Yet Lamonica has been snubbed, so far.

For the younger fans out there, Lamonica was known as “The Mad Bomber” for his ability to bomb the football down the field to extend plays and score last second touchdowns.  One of the most infamous games he played in was the “Heidi Bowl.”  Great memories.

I would like to thank Mr. Dixon for providing his insights on the upcoming NFL Draft for the Oakland Raiders, and I’d like to thank him for the historical look back at Daryle Lamonica.  He was arguably one of the best, if not the best, quarterback to play for the Oakland Raiders.  Here’s a short video to remember “The Mad Bomber.”  Enjoy:

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