Oakland Raiders 2014 NFL Draft: Possible Trading Partners, Rumors and Speculation

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Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers

GM: Trent Balke

Draft Picks: 30, 56, 61, 77, 94, 100, 129, 170, 242, 243, 245

The 49ers are another team with a boatload of picks, and one very troubled star who could be on the market. Aldon Smith’s recent….mishaps” may have opened the door to a possible trade, but all reports have indicated the 49ers will retain his services. Still the rumors have been flying, can the 49ers move up from #30 to #5. That is a tough sell, but they have the picks to do it.

This Draft Class is too talented to move that far down in my opinion, so any trade would either have to include Smith and/or future draft picks as well. The 49ers did exercise the 5th year option on Smith, which would indicate their interest in retaining him. A 49er/Raider draft day trade is more smoke and mirrors, than a real possibility.

A more likely scenario would be shipping Denarius Moore to the Niners for a draft pick. If Raiders address the WR position early in the draft, look for Moore to be re-locating soon.