Madden 15 releases new gameplay features


Jan 30, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (right) and Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (left) during the Madden Bowl XX final at the USS Intrepid Mandatory. Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are if you grew up an NFL football fan over the past 25 plus years you have played EA Sports legendary video game that just happens to carry the namesake of one of the Oakland Raiders most legendary figures in former head coach John Madden.

Whether your Madden memories came from the olden days of the Super Nintendo or SEGA Genesis in the 90’s or the Playstation/XBOX of the new generation, the next gen consoles have always changed the game for football video game players and the release of the first Madden specifically designed for the new PS4 and XBOX One is going to do exactly that.

After the “next gen” version of Madden 25 excited fans of the game with realistic graphics that showed gamers a glimpse of what the new era of Madden would look like, developers of Madden 15 have upped the ante with a new engine along with even more realism in both physics and graphics as the game gets closer and closer to an authentic NFL football experience.

Featuring Luke Kuechly in early game trailers, the recent promotion for Madden 15 has really pumped up how they are planning on revamping the realism on the defensive side of the ball from recent editions of the game to continue their goal of the most authentic video game experience possible.

In addition to the new defensive features which will include new pass rush moves and redesigned zone/man coverage AI the EA Sports team have also announced new NFL Films presentation with six new gameplay angles to show off the potential of the new systems. Even without the new features Madden 25 looked great on the PS4 and played just as good, for football fans and gamers alike the new Madden already looks to be a gamechanger for the series.