10 Oakland Raiders in need of a big training camp

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8. Matt Schaub

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Last year was an unmitigated disaster for Schaub. This is real simple, if Matt does not want to start on the wrong foot with Raiders fans this season he needs to come out of the gate looking like he is in control. He does not need to be 2002 Rich Gannon, he just needs to prove he can lead this team and be trusted. If not, oy vey.

7. Menelik Watson

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If you have read my work you know I love Menelik Watson. I have said before I view him as a potential franchise left tackle, but he needs to make a big step this offseason. Last year was riddled with injuries, but Watson is a monster. He has the size, arm length, and feet to not only win on the right side, but flat out dominate. He is still raw and if he wants to start over Khalif Barnes he needs to show he has an understanding of the fundamentals.