10 Oakland Raiders in need of a big training camp

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6. Denarius Moore

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Late in his life Al Davis could not seem to hit on a first round pick….well ever,  but he hit on several later round picks. Moore was one of those picks and although he started off hot he has seemed to make litle progress. Add that to the fact that Rod Streater is developing into the Raiders number one wide receiver, the signing of San Jose State grad and ex-Packer James Jones to bring leadership to this position group, and the meteroic rise of Andre Holmes as a serios mid to deep threat, and space is running out for Moore. He is in great danger of being almost exclusively a role player who will get limited receptions.

5. Miles Burris

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Last season was virtually a total loss for Burris. The little action he saw included being made to look foolish by Jamaal Charles and other not so flattering moments. Regardless, the Raiders staff talked up his work in the classroom and his understanding of the scheme and he is currently taking the starting snaps at weakside linebacker with the addition of Khalil Mack and the move for Sio Moore. I do not expect that to stay, but if Burris wants to see snaps he will have to show his value early doing the dirty work and being versatile.

4. Ryan Robinson

Last season the Raiders kept the undersized undrafted free agent defensive end over fan favorite David Bass, although he spent the entire season on the practice squad. Robinson has the physicals to be a pass rushing specialist, but with the depth in the front seven for this roster he will have to make an impact early to make it. That will be tough with players such as CJ Wilson and Jack Crawford ahead of him, but if he can step up he could be a great piece for the Raiders.