10 Oakland Raiders in need of a big training camp

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1. David Ausberry

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One of Al Davis’ more sneaky picks, Ausberry had the opportunity to take the starting tight end job last season,  but that was derailed by a shoulder injury. Healthy and focused, the Raiders desperately need him to get his run bllocking down so they can have a balanced threat at the position. He is an ex-wide receiver,  but the need for this team cannot be understated. Last season Rivera stepped up huge as a receiving threat, but he is a couple years away from being a solid blocker. The Raiders went after Pettigrew from Detroit this offseason which means they know the need is real. Rookie Mychal Rivera very well could take the reigns at the tight end position after a breakout season as a rookie in 2013, so don’t be shocked if Ausberry winds up either having to settle for a platoon or backup role once the ball gets rolling in 2014.