Oakland Raiders – 2014 Season Countdown – Dennis Allen


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Counting down to the 2014 NFL season, staff writer Brazy will be providing “Quick Hits” on aspects of the Oakland Raiders leading up the the start of the regular season. 

Yes, Raider Nation, the 2014 NFL Football Season is only a few weeks away from kicking off with Training Camps all over the states. During these next few weeks, I’m going to be looking at the main aspects of our Raiders. First up, is the Coaches. Led by Head Coach Dennis Allen.

DA becomes the first Raiders Head Coach to last more than a few seasons, since Jon Gruden. He has survived the Reggie McKenzie roster version of the Purge and is now on the road to sunny days filled with cap space. I don’t think there is any doubt this is the most talented roster he has had since becoming head coach before the 2012 season. There is also more depth, although not across the board and is need of improvement. With that said, it remains to be seen if the improved players will bring improved results.

All too many times the last couple of years, it appeared the Raiders did not come out with second half adjustments. That is my biggest gripe with this coaching staff. There never seemed to be any improvements of play or execution after halftime. Especially on the offensive side of the ball, where last year the Raiders failed to score an offensive TD in several games.

Now you have a story on Raiders.com where Taiwan Jones is touting the extra work in the weight and film rooms being done by the players. Attributing the extra work to the new veteran presence in the locker room. But, where were the coaches in the past years? I understand the players are grown men and you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink. Still, shouldn’t the coaching staff be motivating, convincing the players to put in the extra work?

I applaud the Raiders for adding some coaching continuity, despite the cries after back to back 4-12 season. I want to believe all the past issues were rooted in uncommitted players an lack of depth. I want to believe in this coaching staff. But until I see some more W’s and points scored in the second half, I just can’t.