My 5 Predictions for the 2014 Oakland Raiders

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Oct 19, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

3) The Oakland Raiders Lead the League in Sacks

The Oakland Raiders finished 18th in sacks last year, which is a monumental achievement given the lack of a true pass rusher and playing in a tough division.

Much of the credit goes to Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver, who had to be creative and diverse in finding ways of attacking the quarterback.

In order to get to the quarterback you must have pass rushers, and in 2014 the Raiders have plenty.

Jutin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Sio Moore, Antoino Smith, and of course the #5 pick rookie Khalil Mack.

Secondly the Raiders also got better on the back-end as well, and an improved secondary will go hand in hand with a more dynamic front seven.

Last year the Carolina Panthers led the league in Sacks with 60, posting 22 more sacks than the Raiders.

That is a big number to make up if the Raiders hope to get to the top.

So how do they get to 60?

Obviously the improved talent on the roster will help improve those sack numbers, talent brings flexibility to a defense and Jason Tarver will be able to rush the passer from almost anywhere on the field.

Another note is the Raiders brutal schedule. On a second look, games against the Jets, Texans, Dolphins, Cardinals, and Browns could all be big days for the Raiders defense. Add in Buffalo and Seattle who were both in the top ten in sacks allowed, and the Raiders can definitely make up some ground.

Of course my predication is a bold one, given that Raiders play two games against the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning, who were best in the league for sacks allowed.

But something tells me the Seattle Seahawks may have revealed a blueprint in the Super Bowl, Manning could be eating a lot more dirt this season.

Here is a rundown of my sack predictions:

Mack-11, Smith-5, Moore-5, Woodley-8, Tuck-8

The Raiders could make up last years total with just these five players, add in the rest of the defense and making 60 sacks is a real possibility.