My 5 Predictions for the 2014 Oakland Raiders

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Jun 17, 2014; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterbacks Matt Schaub (8) and Derek Carr (4) throw passes at minicamp at Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

4) Derek Carr Will Sit the Full Year Behind Matt Schaub

I’m one of the few Raiders fans who wasn’t a big Derek Carr fan coming out of college. Am I happy the Raiders drafted the young QB? Of course, especially since they were able to wait until the 2nd round to take him.

In my opinion Carr is the perfect candidate to sit behind a veteran like Matt Schaub. Carr is not Andrew Luck and the Raiders are still a mystery when it comes to the talent and support around him.

Carr has some elite elements to his game, arm strength, intelligence, athleticism. Check out new staff writer Carl Cockerham’s  great article on why he feels Carr is ready to play now.

But why rush him?

There was a reason Carr fell to the Raiders in the 2nd round. It may turn out to be a blessing, but game tape doesn’t lie. Poor mechanics, missed throws, simplified offense, poor competition, and my biggest concern, poor pocket awareness.

These of course are all fixable traits and Carr should have a bright future in the Silver and Black, but his time is not now.

Matt Schaub has yet to play a down of football for the Raiders. I belive Schaub is the perfect “Bridge” QB to guide the Raiders from bottom feeders to a competitive football team once again.

My prediction is Schaub provides a steady hand for the Raiders utilizing a play-action and some quick strikes down field. Schaub will be playing behind a much improved OLine, and hopefully with a much improved running game.

Carr may be the future of the Raiders, but the present should belong to Schaub.