My 5 Predictions for the 2014 Oakland Raiders

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5) The Raiders will Finish Second 7-9  in 2014

I know, I know not the most optimistic outcome for the upcoming season….but just take a look at that “Brutal” schedule!

In a pivotal season for Head Coach Dennis Allen, the NFL schedule makers may cost him his job.

On the other side, Allen and the Raiders could shock the world and pull off some surprise wins.

I predict it will be somewhere in the middle. A solid season with some Big wins against quality opponents, but also few bumps in the road with so many young players and new personnel.

In my rundown I see the Raiders starting out hot through week 5, beating San Diego to go 4-1 on the season.

After that the losses start to pile up, losing the next 7 out of 9 games!

With the only wins coming against Kansas City and yes, San Francisco! ( I think we match up well, plus have some former Niner’s on the squad)

Side Note: Yes we lose to Cleveland on the road, they are an underrated team very similar to the Raiders. If they get solid QB play, they will win football games.

The last three games are a toss-up, but I belive the Raiders can at least pull a win against Buffalo at home. It will be a tough game at KC, especially in December.

I am hoping for a split with the Broncos in week 17, but hard to see it, even if there on cruise control into the playoffs.

The optimist in me wants to give the Raiders 9 wins, but I’ll stick with 7 which in the end will be enough to save Dennis Allen’s job.