Oakland Raiders 2014 Training Camp Lookahead: Defense

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The Buffalo Bills and New York Giants opened Training Camps Monday, so the 2014 NFL Season has officially begun. Those two teams will play in two weeks at the Hall of Fame game. That’s right, Football is back! This coming weekend will be the last weekend without NFL football for the rest of the year. Praise the Football Gods.

In my next instalment of my season preview prior to the Raiders reporting to training camp on Thursday, I’m going to look at my favorite side of the football: Defense. Where you win Championships. This Defense is led by Defensive Coordinator Jason Tarver (pictured), entering his third year in that role for the Raiders. The Raiders once again will have several new starters on Defense, which tends to hurt the learning curve. Especially in a Defense as multiple as Tarver’s defense can be. The Raiders added several veterans and Mike Mayock’s best player in the 2014 NFL Draft to Tarver’s pantry for 2014. Lets take a closer look into the ingredients at the disposal of the mad scientist.