Oakland Raiders 2014 Training Camp: Daily Rewind – Day 2


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders had their first practice of training camp today. They were in helmets and shells going half speed. They practiced for a little over two hours in what some have called triple digit heat in the Napa Valley. The Raiders offered season ticket holders the opportunity to attend practice and there was a good crowd today. That is also expected for several practices this year, just like last training camp.

According to NFL beat writer Chris Hansen, the most glaring difference between the first practice last year vs. this year, is the passing game. In a good way, that is.

There were reports of Greg Little flashing some nice grabs on the sideline and Rod Streeter catching a nice bomb from Schaub. Schaub did throw a pic but it wasnt’ a pick 6. Laugh out loud. The most intriguing story line is the development of the other outside linebacker position battle between Sio Moore and Miles Burris. I’m still not sold on the Raiders running a straight 4-3 this year, so maybe we see Burris in the middle with Nick Roach and then Sio and Mack on the outside. Just my gut feeling on that , I could be totally wrong.

All in all, the first practice appears to be successful in no injuries and the coach was happy. Everyone is saying the right things, how this first practice was the start of the foundation to a solid season. The Raiders have another practice tomorrow and then put on the pads for their Sunday practice. The Raiders are doing walk through, teaching sessions in the morning and team practices in the evenings. In the mean time, head over to Raiders.com and check out the video of interviews and especially the video titled ‘Sights and Sounds of Training Camp’.