Oakland Raiders: Just Blog Baby’s Day at Training Camp

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Photo by Shane Schilperoort/justblogbaby.com

Folks, Darren McFadden looks outstanding!  He is running like he has something to prove.  On two passing plays, one from Matt Schaub and one from Derek Carr, he took Khalil Mack and Jonathan Dowling to school.  There are going to be some special plays installed with his ability to catch the ball down the sideline, and teams are definitely going to have to account for him.  Maurice Jones-Drew was equally as good as McFadden.  The only difference I see is that “Pocket Hercules” is a better cut-back runner than D-Mac.  However, it’s pretty clear that D-Mac and MJD are going to be splitting time and reps.

The RB that peaked my interest the most on Friday was Latavius Murray.  That kid is fast, and you cannot tell how fast he is by watching his upper body.  If you watch his upper body, it looks as though he is gliding along the ground.  However, one look at his feet and legs shows you where all the work is being put in.  He is deceptively fast, and he will make a lot of proven professional players miss.  I can’t wait to see him run in Pre-Season.  Along with RB duties, Murray has also been returning kickoff’s.

This team is definitely going to base it’s offensive production with the run in mind.  Passing plays will flourish due to play action and misdirection.