Oakland Raiders intensity needs to carry over to the second Preseason game


Aug 12, 2014; Oxnard, CA, USA; General view of the line of scrimmage as Oakland Raiders center Kevin Boothe (67) snaps the ball at scrimmage against the Dallas Cowboys at River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After a very drab performance in the first Preseason game, many fans, including myself, were left wondering why there wasn’t more intensity and excitement from the 1st string offense/defense.  All the hype from training camp seemed to be just hot air.  This has already spurred suggestions that there is no hope for this team in 2014.

Then, the Oakland Raiders headed to Oxnard, CA, for a scrimmage with the Dallas Cowboys.  There, it would seem the Raiders found the intensity needed to ignite a fire within themselves.  A huge showing by Raider Nation fueled the fire needed to push this team to whole new level.  Finally, the Raiders showed up and played like Raiders!

Now, the intensity instilled in the players needs to carry over into the second Preseason game.  That same desire to want to perform for the fans needs to continue.  In front of the home crowd in Oakland, CA, the Raiders should deliver an offense that moves the football, and a defense that gets to the QB and takes the ball away from opposing offenses.

We, the fans, should see growth and maturity from both sides of the football.  Granted, in game-time situations the fights and extra shoving and pushing won’t be tolerated, but the hunger, drive, and support from their teammates should continue.  That’s how a team becomes a team.

The Detroit Lions have a very good defensive front which will challenge the new offensive line.  Plus, the defensive secondary will be challenged by the prolific WR’s and QB on the Lions offense.  The Raiders WR’s need to stop dropping the football, and I want to see a touchdown from our offense.  The Raiders shouldn’t settle for anything less.

It would be nice to have a win this week, even though it is only Preseason.  Still, I believe that a win for the Raiders and Raider Nation will definitely elevate the team’s morale and support.  Plus, the question of who the QB will be this year should be answered by Matt Schaub driving the team to a score.  That’s the only way we will see any improvement.  In a small way, it’s time for the team to put up or shut up.  That’s why I believe the intensity from the last two days should carry over into the game against the Lions.  Go Raiders!