Brice Butler Could be the Next Rod Streater

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Ability is There

Calling someone the next Streater is as much about ability as it is the story and from what I’ve found, he has more than Streater. Some people develop and bloom later but just like most NFL stars were top dogs in college, most college stars were top dogs in high school. And Butler was right there with Julio Jones and A.J. Green for best high school receivers as rated Butler’s hands the best of the class.

And like most young prodigies, he has NFL bloodlines as his father (Bobby Butler) played for the Atlanta Falcons. But to be great, you have to have nurture to go with that nature and Butler’s father gave him that. Butler said to, “I owe all of my receiving skills to my dad’s former teammate with the Atlanta Falcons, Stacey Bailey. He trained me as a receiver since I was young.”

Butler would then go on to be one of the most gifted and most polished receivers of his high school class. Then head coach Pete Carol came knocking on his door in order to bring him in to play for USC. Then after a red-shirt year, Butler showed showed lots of promise en route to making the Pac-12 All-Freshman team.