Brice Butler Could be the Next Rod Streater

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Butler Impresses

In the spring of 2013, Butler caught McKenzie’s eye at San Diego State’s pro day like Streater did the year before . He was 6’3″, 213 pounds, ran a 4.36 40, vertical leaped 39 inches and had a 6.7o 3-cone drill time. He also caught everything and got out of his breaks fast on his routes to show that his 3-cone drill translated.

For those of you that don’t know, the 3-cone drill is important because getting out of your breaks fast gets you separation. It can actually make you just as much if not more of a deep threat than height, blazing speed or high vertical leap. Butler’s pro day numbers would have been Top-3 in all the main categories at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine and better all-around than A.J. Green’s.

Athletes like Butler don’t have good production in college because they either have attitude problems, get in trouble, or cant catch. But the only problem Butler had was the fact that Kiffin became his head coach and that was all McKenzie needed to know. So McKenzie, who may not have needed the nudging he got from Ted Gilmore, Butler’s receivers coach at USC, took Butler in the seventh round.