Oakland Raiders Need to Move Back to Los Angeles

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Bottom Line

I’m going to combine Al Davis and Nike and say just do it baby.

L.A. is the No. 2 media market in the country that loves the Raiders more than the Bay Area does. Plus the city has multiple developers waiting for someone to say the word for a team going to L.A. So they should go on down and get love from the Dodgers, Lakers and the rest of L.A. while having their own stadium instead of fighting with the A’s.

When you love something, you let it go and real Raiders fans love the Raiders enough to want to see them do whats best for them. They also want to see the Raiders become a valuable franchise and will go to L.A. to see them just like real Raiders fans came up from L.A. Oakland doesn’t seem to want to build them a new stadium as Mayor Jean Quan is probably an 49ers fan herself based on the way negotiations have went down.

We also need to keep it 100—Oakland is not a sports town as the Golden State Warriors are leaving and the A’s can opt out in 2018. The A’s really want to be in San Jose but it was the MLB that convinced the A’s to stay for now. This is a new age where there is too much money to be made in sports and the city of Oakland can’t do much for their teams.

Reuniting with the Bay Area didn’t work out because the Raiders were never the true love of the Bay Area anyway. They love their 49ers  and once they started winning Super Bowls in the ’80s, the Bay Area forgot who the Raiders were. So it’s time to go to L.A. where they still love the Raiders and will build a new home for (stadium) them.

The Raiders will be the apple of L.A.’s eye and still have that hardcore edge as Hell’s Angels will be replaced by the Crips and Bloods. They will especially be loved because it’s pretty likely they’ll be the only team there for a while if they go soon. The 49ers where in the Bay Area first so that is their territory just like the Giants are the ones that rule New York.

And if the Raiders go back to L.A. before anyone else, they’ll always rule Southern California.