Oakland Raiders Front Seven is Another Team Strength

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Khalil Mack

Instead of looking at his stat-line, people should simply start watching him play then they’ll know he’s gonna be fine. He consistently turns the play back inside when they run his way and he’s great in coverage. Sure Jadeveon Clowney had done some things against the run and rushing the passer.

But he was cooked by darn-near 20 yards when he was beat for a touchdown by an opposing tight end this preseason. I laugh every time I hear about Mack having to play against a 3rd-string tackle to get a sack in the preseason. But the fact of the matter is Tarver simply isn’t sending Mack to the quarterback very much right now.

They’re making him work on his all-around linebackers skills as he will need every one of them at some point. The Raiders already know he can rush the passer so there’s no reason to expose his pass rush moves to opposing offensive lineman already. Mack should have somewhere around 12 sacks this year and with everything else he can do, he’ll earn NFL Rookie of the Year honors.