Oakland Raiders: All is not lost


Aug 15, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) prepares to throw a pass against the Detroit Lions in the third quarter at O.co Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Lions 27-26. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I keep having bad flashbacks about the Oakland Raiders, and this time it’s not my PTSD kicking in.  No, it happens to be a recurring flashback from last year to this year.  See, I chose to support the decision of the Raiders organization last year about the Matt Flynn experiment which backfired in my face, and now I am still having another sore arm issue be the reason a QB is under-performing in Oakland.  I guess this is just my luck.

As I started to reevaluate the whole Matt Schaub transaction and performance, I realized that all is not lost.  The greatest positive is that it’s still Preseason, and the games mean nothing by way of record for 2014.  Obviously we as fans want to see steady improvement from our team, which is something that is totally lacking.  However, there is still one more nothing game that will mean everything for the players participating.  Schaub is dealing with a “sore arm,” and this opens up the opportunity for Derek Carr and Matt McGloin to get more reps.  Now, Head Coach Dennis Allen and Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson will get a look at Carr running with the starting unit.

When it comes to veteran QB selections, General Manager Reggie McKenzie hasn’t had the best of luck.  I can’t fault the guy for trying to bring someone in to spark this team.  Let’s hope his decision to draft Carr isn’t another example of poor QB choices.  Either way, Raiders fans will more than likely get to see Carr running the first team offense in the final Preseason game.  Unless, by some miracle, Schaub’s elbow heals.

I’ll say this much, there are other positions that have been struggling to grow and progress within this offense.  I agree that it’s not all Schaub’s fault, but I can’t get past the fact that Schaub’s velocity is not there.  Other teams are struggling to move the ball as well, like the 49ers, but at least when Colin Kaepernick throws the football it’s not waiting to be picked off.  He has velocity behind his throws.

The Raiders are a young team that has had another huge turnover year, and I understand that it takes time to mesh.  I guess I was hoping for quicker results.  The funny thing is, the team could start meshing as soon as this next game or in week one of the regular season.  I don’t want to have to go through another year like in 2013, or 2012, or any other year after 2003, so somethings going to have to start working.

Don’t let my doom and gloom speech sway the fact that I still believe in this organization and the trials and tribulations it must suffer to be the best again.  McKenzie has this organization moving in the right direction, but time is a factor that’s hard to swallow.  Although time is moving fast, there’s still a chance to make a relevant push forward through the 2014 season.  7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 seem to be the more realistic possibilities as the Raiders record in 2014, and there will be chances for a better one.  It will come down to two things, the performance of the defense and who the QB is.  All is not lost by any means.  Keep the faith Raider Nation.  Go Raiders!