Pro Football Focus rates Matt McGloin top preseason quarterback


Aug 22, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) throws a pass during the third quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

August has been the “Summer of McGloin” as once again the Oakland Raiders third string quarterback has been showing that despite where he is on the depth chart, he has the makeup of a player who can do damage in the pocket for an NFL team when needed. Performing well in preseason appearances against the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers the former Penn State undrafted free agent has been impressing those following the Raiders preseason and even drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan with a shrug following throwing the game winning touchdown against the Lions in Week 2.

McGloin’s play has been so impressive that the football minds at Pro Football Focus have rated McGloin as their top passer so far during the 2o14 NFL Preseason, putting him just ahead of Seahawks starter and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson who has been dominant as well this preseason.

From PFF: 

"1. Matthew McGloin, OAK: +7.4Breakdown: After Oakland acquired Matt Schaub and drafted Derek Carr, the writing was on the wall for McGloin right? Wrong. You figured he could be in line for a Max Hall (who?) type fall from favor but he’s likely ensured a job in this league for at least another year whatever happens with the Raiders.Signature Plays: Q4, 50 seconds to go against the Packers. Back to back plays show firstly McGloin, with pressure coming loft a ball into a spot only his receiver can get to it. More impressive is the next effort as with pressure coming and a bracketed receiver he fits the ball in down the sideline for a big gain."

It is interesting that Pro Football Focus is again high on McGloin as last season he was the best rookie quarterback based on PFF’s metrics in addition to having great numbers on long passes during his stint as a starter in 2013 with the Raiders. McGloin will likely crack the 53 man roster in Oakland after the preseason, but his 2014 status has been largely confirmed as the quarterback competition between Matt Schaub and Derek Carr has grabbed headlines early this week. That shouldn’t ignore from McGloin’s strong August performance as the second year prospect has once again added to his cult following by showing glimpses of a potential diamond waiting in the rough.

You can read PFF’s Top Preseason Grades for quarterbacks in full by clicking on the link below (Although you may need to subscribe to PFF to read the link):