Do Not Worry About the Oakland Raiders Defense

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Cornerback D.J. Hayden will be back in the fold soon as he is working out on the side with trainers. The organization did say they expect him back for the season opener so we can’t be surprised if he is back. I do understand that we can’t be surprised if he isn’t too but Allen has described him as “looking better.”

In his rookie year, it looked like he was just starting to get it when he went down with an injury. This year, there were reports that he looked stronger and more explosive this offseason and there goes the foot right before training camp. Well the good news is he’s out of his boot and running around as a good sign that he is coming soon.

That newly found strength and explosion is going to do the Raiders some good this year. Because strength was the one thing that he was missing last year as he can already flip his hips and run with the best of them. It looks like he’s going to have some partners bumping and running with in the Raiders secondary too.