Derek Carr has to be starter for the Oakland Raiders

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Bottom Line

With the ones in the game this preseason, the Raiders weren’t able to get very much done on the offensive side of the ball. The Raiders’ ones even had a hard time getting things going against opposing defenses with their twos in. Then all of the sudden, in the preseason finale, the Raiders score touchdowns on consecutive drives against the Seattle Seahawks’ ones.

The factor that can’t be denied in all of this is that Carr is the one that started at quarterback when the offense did that. That is usually what happens when you have all of your best offensive football players on the field but the Raiders didn’t. They just had their best quarterback out there with the best receiver with starters reps leading up to the game with the No. 1 offensive line’s protection.

Carr didn’t have the help of running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden occupying the defenses. Fullback and weapon in the passing game Marcel Reece sat out along with receivers James Jones and Rod Streater. Don’t forget the fact that tight end David Ausberry is a vertical threat that will be back at practice on Monday too.

If Carr needs to learn anything from Schaub, he needs to learn it from listening to him on the sidelines and the film room. And now, it looks like Carr has turned Moore back into a dynamic receiver with his leadership skills. All the while, the organization has went all in on two receivers that couldn’t get open this preseason but that’s for another article.