Carr Will Drive Oakland Raiders to Week 1 Win

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Can’t Stop Darren McFadden

The big, bad Jets are always a top NFL run defense but they don’t have the best of luck stopping running back Darren McFadden. In 2011, McFadden lit the Jets up for 171 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries including a 70-yard house-call. That is the largest total for any running back against the Jets defense since Ryan took over has head coach in 2009 and it led the Raiders to a 34-24 win.

The reason is Ryan keeps eight in the box  with man coverage and a single-high safety so when McFadden breaks through a hole with his mercurial speed, all he has is the free safety left. And once McFadden is past the free safety you can forget about catching him if he’s healthy and he is now. In the passing game, you can send McFadden in motion or out wide and if a linebacker follows him, you know what time it is (man coverage) and the Raiders can take advantage.