Carr Will Drive Oakland Raiders to Week 1 Win

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Can’t Stop Maurice Jones-Drew

As McFadden has the highest total vs the Jets since 2009, Maurice Jones-Drew has the second highest total 123 yards. It took Jones-Drew 24 carries to get there and one of those carries was a 33-yard touchdown run on Ryan’s defense. Jones-Drew’s performance led his then Jacksonville Jaguars to a 24-22 win over Ryan’s Jets in 2009.

Jones-Drew and McFadden scare Ryan to death so he’s going to keep eight or nine in the box and focus on not giving them holes to run through. That may or may not work as it didn’t work before on Jones-Drew and McFadden and they are bringing a great offensive with them Sunday. But either way, what that does for Carr is give him one-on-one match-ups outside that he will be able to take advantage of with his big arm or Jones-Drew on check-downs.