Carr Will Drive Oakland Raiders to Week 1 Win

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Don’t Sleep on Marcel Reece

If Ryan overdoes his game-plan to stop McFadden and Jones-Drew, fullback Marcel Reece will hurt the Jets badly. Just last year, Reece went over to New York and had 123 yards on 19 carries with a 63-yard run for a touchdown. No, we can’t expect a 100-yard performance out of Reece with McFadden and Jones-Drew but all it takes is one big play to have an impact on a game.

Running wise, he can hit the Jets big with a misdirection type of hand-off where the defense goes with McFadden or Jones Drew. In the passing game, which is probably most likely, he can make a big play on a check-down from Carr off a Jets blitz. Reece can also go in motion or line up in the slot and go deep with a linebacker covering him to make a big play for the Raiders.