What the Oakland Raiders have to build on

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I’m a Believer Now

I have criticized Jones all preseason long for his inability to get separation and didn’t think he belonged as a starting outside receiver. But with the catch he made Sunday, he proved he didn’t need separation, he just needed a quarterback to give him a chance to make a play. And make a play he did with time ticking down in the fourth quarter and the Raiders trying to make a comeback.

Jones isn’t quite as big but in ways, he’s the Raiders’ version of Aquan Boldin with his ability to make tough catches in traffic. Then there’s that clutch thing where you can go to him and expect him to make a play when you need him. I dipped my crow feet in barbecue sauce and loved the way it tasted on Sunday wishing only that it was the game-winner.

Carr knows one place he can go now.